Thursday, January 12, 2012

Late Night Thursday Randoms & True Confessions

True Confession #1: I'm late on my post today because I've been obsessing over Downton Abbey on PBS.  Holy crapiziod - yeah I totally made up that word - this show freaking rocks my socks off!  I started watching it online yesterday afternoon and I just finished this evening.  That's 8 hours of TV!!! Don't worry most of that time was spent while the babes were sleeping.  And yes I know I could have been spending my time more wisely - we all have a vice. Right??? Don't judge!

We also took the kiddos to South Bend, well, to the Mall to browse and eat and let the kids play and hit up Barnes & Noble.  I needed this:
(I stole this photo from

True Confession #2: I've been losing my patience with Teague.  Like, I've been scaring myself.  I used to be good, not so much anymore. Especially when he intentionally hurts sister or he flings a pacifier at my head first thing in the morning.  I read the first book my Tracy Hogg called Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and it was awesome!!! Loved it and lent it out to several friends who had babies after me.   Although come to think of it, I don't remember who I gave it to last. Oh well! Back to my point.  I'm going to be working on being the best mommy to my two toddlers because that's what they deserve. I'll be updating you on what I learn. Enjoy these photos and when Tara puts up the next Home Tour Link, I'll be posting that too!

And finally, after a skinny vanilla latte, a good chat with the hubs, and a snow storm ~ we're home safe!

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